Long Exposures at Venice Beach

Agfa Vista 200

A Beginners Guide to Long Exposures by a Beginner 

So these are somethings I learned on my first time shooting long exposures and I can't wait to do it again. 

Things You'll Need
- Tripod 
- Shutter release cable 
- A really good light meter (Minolta Auto Meter IV)
- Low Speed Film 
- Timer (phone/watch)

The most important lesson I learned is that you don't need to worry about people or cars crossing your shot while you have the lens open since they really won't make a mark on your picture (the time they take crossing the image is too short to have any impact on the image). Cars crossing will give some really cool light trails so it's almost encouraged. 

Most of my shots were at an F-stop of 11 & 16 (aperture) for 15-45 seconds depending on the light. Make sure you have a large aperture since you'll have the lens open for longer than normal and you have less of risk of over exposing your image. This is also the same reason you should use a low speed film. 

Make sure you are aware of your light sources, if you are standing under a light make sure you meter away from that and closer to object/person you are taking a picture of or else you'll get the wrong exposure times. 

I hope this helps and I encourage you all to try it out its really fun and I can't wait to to do it again. 

Happy Shooting!

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