The Polyamorous Vampires

 Fuji Superia X-tra 800

Makeup by Kendra (@k.nutini)

Liz: @faustbordeaux 
Julia: @code.bleu 
Blue: @dollklaw

Written, styled, and photographed by Kitty Michel

"Just because we don’t follow traditional relationship roles doesn’t mean we don’t deserve respect."

Why do you think unconventional relationships get so much negativity from society?

I think it's because people like to set rules for everything. Maybe it's a human trait or maybe it's taught to us by society, either way people like rules, they like to follow not lead and they definitely do not want to stray from the path and get labeled a freak. It's a weird thing that people crave individuality but still want to belong in the group, it is a huge juxtaposition. The rules of monogamy are quite simple - 1 person with 1 person - anything other than that and people get offended, they call you a whore, a slut, any other derogatory name they can think of just because you want to expand your relationship with the consent of those in the relationship with you. 

Is there an over-sexualization of unconventional relationships?

Most definitely. Most music coming out of Top 40 rap/hip-hop usually includes a verse about two womxn kissing and the porn industry thrives off of womxn with womxn sex. So it really isn't surprising that people feel entitled to ask very personal questions about a polyamorous couples sex life which would never happen with a regular couple. Because of this over-sexualization unconventional couples are seen as things not people who deserve respect. Just because we don't follow traditional relationships roles doesn't mean we don't deserve respect. We are not our private relationship. We are people just like you and deserve to be treated as such and not as objects.

What is something you hope people reading this will learn about polyamorous relationships?

Just because I love another person doesn't mean I love my other partner any less. We shouldn't be shamed for the way we structure our private relationships, if you don't understand us that's okay but please dont shame us for not understanding.

Disclaimer: The opinions in this faux interview set are the opinion of the photographer and don’t reflect the views of the models featured.

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