The Bride

Fuji Superia X-tra 800
Makeup by Kendra @k.nutini 

Model: Stacy @bonjourpenelope_

Written, styled, and photographed by Kitty Michel

"My biggest challenge after the operation was learning to love myself again"

Coming back into this world what is the biggest challenge you faced?

It was really hard to come to terms with how I looked like after the operation. I came back looking different from everyone else even different from my old self. Then I get bombarded with beauty standards and what a womxn should look like and act like and its almost like society is trying to tear you apart until you become a shell of what you used to be. My biggest challenge was learning to love myself again and accept myself. I had to redefine beauty standards for myself. It took a lot of work to unlearn everything I had been taught through two lifetimes and I know it is something i'll never be completely free of but I learned to see myself in a different light and realized that I am beautiful. 

What was the biggest thing you discovered about yourself while on the journey of self love?

The biggest thing I discovered was my strength. I am strong. I faced my own demons and doubts and came out on top. The scariest thing in the world is our own minds, we can tear ourselves down or build ourselves up. And really if you can face that you can face anything. 

What advice would you give other people trying to get to the point you are at?

Take your time. Understand that it won't be easy and it will not happen overnight. But always remember, you WILL get there. 

Disclaimer: The opinions in this faux interview set are the opinion of the photographer and don’t reflect the views of the models featured.

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